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What We Do:

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Retrieve and deliver pallets

From our headquarters in Smyrna, Tennessee we provide our pallet retrieval and delivery services to a 150-mile radius. We can retrieve and deliver pallets using our industry-standard trailers or supply your business with a trailer.

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Repair and recycle older pallets

Our experienced team will use recycled boards to repair pallets and send them back to your business for further use. We will also pick up your scrap pallets and recycle the materials so there is no pallet waste.

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Build new and custom pallets from scratch

Whatever size pallet you need, we can build it. In addition to making pallets using recycled materials, we use new stock wood to build brand new, custom size pallets to meet the standards you require.

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Sell pallets

We have a large stock of pallets at our Smyrna headquarters. When you put in an order with us, we will deliver what we promised.

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Provide Trailers

We can provide your business with trailers to transport your pallets. Our trailers are industry standard size, and we can provide you with multiple trailers if needed.

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